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Welcome Aboard!
The  purpose of this website is to cronicle the adventures of
the sailing vessel "Southern Star"
and her crew as they explore coastal North Carolina and beyond...

  • The links are on the port side of the screen. Whether you are a first time visitor, or a regular, please sign our Guest Book.
  • The Ship's Log is an weblog hosted by sailblogs.com. We update it with each adventure and sometimes in between. You may leave comments on individual log entries. Please do!
  • Most Ship's Log Entries have a link to pictures that accompany the entry, but you can see all our pictures at the Photo Gallery link.
  • We sometimes make short movies of our travels to accompany Ship's Log Entries. You can see all the movies by clicking Video Stories.
  • I have assembled a list of my Favorite Nautical Quotes. If you have one that I don't, send it along and I'll list it here.
  • There are very few things I like better than boats, water and sailing. I also like to write about it, and since it's my website, I think I will. (From the Capt'n)
  • We hope you enjoy visiting our site. We maintain a list of email addresses of friends and family that we notify when we update the page or create a new Ship's Log entry. If you would like to be included send an email to captain@svsouthernstar.com. The same is true if you are on the list and don't wish to be.
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"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth
doing as simply messing about in boats."
From Kenneth Grahame's
"The Wind in the Willows"